From Utopia to Activewear that Makes You Feel Good

We believe in utopia Over two years ago, we started with a utopian-like dream about sustainable activewear for training and everyday activities. We had a clear vision for how we would do things differently, things that people were not used to seeing from clothing brands. We had vague thoughts about what sustainability meant for us, … More From Utopia to Activewear that Makes You Feel Good

Of the Frog

Népra is Carelian and means water. Ama has always been fascinated by the water element. She swam for years. She also taught swimming for kids. Ama spent her childhood summers swimming, boating, and fishing with her sister and father. One summer, Ama and her sister spent some time with their aunt on an island. In … More Of the Frog

Back to our Roots

We live in a world that is full of stuff, and sadly enough most is simply poor quality objects. We might not even realise it, but it is might also be contributing to this small untidy feeling that we get every now and then. The urgency to reorganise things at home, or the need to rethink … More Back to our Roots