The Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, especially in the North. First of all, Finland is the official home country of Santa. For Finns, winter and Christmas mean all of those festive stories and magical landscapes. Who does not love to get cozy under the blanket at Christmas? You can read your favourite book or watch your favourite (Christmas)movies all day long. At Christmas, we spend more time with our dear ones, eat good food, and just relax a bit after the whole year of adventures. At Christmas time everything used to be covered up with snow also in southern Finland. Now the past five years, we have been lucky if there has been some snow in December, or the whole winter at all.


We all know why; climate change is a topic that is hard to avoid nowadays and for good reasons. We need to take it seriously – there are no “buts” anymore just hard facts that tell us to change and to do so quickly. It does not have to be depressive though! In the matter of fact, the world and especially human beings have always been changing. In this light, change is the only natural rhythm human beings know. However, there is this old part of the brain, that tends to lean to pessimism for evolutionary reasons, and it freaks out – change is scary! But seriously, if you think back for a second, change is good – nobody would like to go back to the middle age. New changes have always brought us new chances. We can stop resisting the change and start to live more sustainably right now. And, what would be a better time to start than at Christmas?


At Christmas, many of us like to give gifts. And honestly, who does not enjoy receiving a gift from the loved one? It is a nice little gesture and giving gifts is one of the five love languages; gift giving is a sign of love. If you want to make the gift part of the Christmas even more meaningful, consider giving sustainable gifts. We collected some ideas for you!


The Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Gift Cards & Other Immaterial Gifts

Let’s admit it; every one of us has too much stuff already. Christmas is not only known for relaxing time with family but also for getting stuff we don’t need. Luckily, there are many ways to give gifts without purchasing material at all!

  • donate some money in an association that your loved one would like to support him/herself
  • an annual access to a museum
  • a gift card for a yoga course or other sport
  • a gift card to the favourite restaurant
  • a ticket to a concert your friend loves
  • a couple of movie tickets for a film lover

Finally, time is the most valuable thing you can give nowadays. It can be a long walk with your best friend or a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop (or at home).

Gifts You Can Eat

Nothing beats homemade gifts! You can bake bread or cake. You can make some delicious granola and put it in a pretty glass jar. If you are not into baking but aim for the best consider giving some quality chocolate, for example from Goodio, for the chocolate lover, or tee or coffee for the one who enjoys hot beverages.


Sustainable Népra Gifts

We know that there are many sports lovers on the other side of the screen and that is why we can confidently recommend Népra items. Treat yourself or a sporty family member with sustainable activewear or lazywear. She/he will have long-term joy and support for her/his active life.

This year’s favourite items are the unisex waster saving Merak ‘Grindle’ Sweater paired with Népra’s first Beanie. Népra’s Kaffa Knit is perfect for her/him who needs a cozy knitted pullover for free time. The pullover is 100% recycled, and one item saves 5500l water.  If you need epic and comfortable yoga pants for her, our Saturnus Tights is your choice. Multitasking Neptunus Shorts are for him who stays active day after day and month after month. The shorts are durable for weightlifting, but because of their minimalist look, they are excellent for free time adventures too.


Other Sustainable Clothing

If you have other clothing items in mind, we warmly recommend turning to Weecos. They are a sustainable marketplace full of responsible made clothes and accessories. WeekendBee is the place to be if you prefer outdoorsier clothing. They have carefully chosen sustainable clothing items around the world to support your free time adventures.

Other Sustainable Gifts

Options are limitless! Buy a book for your spouse who loves to read or some organic self-care products for the one who like to treat him/herself with cosmetics. Consider other DIY gifts such as hand-made wool socks or self-made deodorant. Sustainable and reusable fruit bags, dishcloth or a microfibre filtering washing bag from Guppyfriend are great for those, who want to reduce waste. If you need more options, you can turn to Nudge – they are a store full of sustainable choices.

Remember to aim zero waste or reusability with packaging and wrapping papers – most of the Christmassy wrapping paper cannot be recycled.


We hope you enjoyed this article! This is our last blog post of the year. We wish you happy holidays and see you next year here at Speak of The Frog!


Ama & Essi

Ps. All the linked brands and products are either our own Népra items, they are companies we are cooperating with, or they are companies we like ourselves. None of the links are sponsored and none of the linked companies have asked us to link them. They are all companies we happen to love for their sustainable values and quality products.

Photos from Lapland: Julia Jokinen

One photo from Goodio / Press Kit

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