What Is the True Cost of My Cheap Clothing?

“We don’t want to make any profit by molesting human rights or by consciously harming our environment.” In the excellent manufacturing documentary True Cost, they were able to really highlight the major issues within the textile industry and show openly, but without drama, who is paying the price for cheap clothing. In a previous post … More What Is the True Cost of My Cheap Clothing?

From Utopia to Activewear that Makes You Feel Good

We believe in utopia Over two years ago, we started with a utopian-like dream about sustainable activewear for training and everyday activities. We had a clear vision for how we would do things differently, things that people were not used to seeing from clothing brands. We had vague thoughts about what sustainability meant for us, … More From Utopia to Activewear that Makes You Feel Good

The Most Sustainable Fabric in the World

Making textiles and clothes is a long process that includes sourcing the raw materials, developing fibres to yarn, making the fabric by using yearns, designing the item and pattern and finally sewing the piece of clothing. The fibres used in fabric making can be divided into natural and synthetic fibres. Details of the fabric making … More The Most Sustainable Fabric in the World

The Moods of the Textile Industry

The textile and clothing industry has lived in ongoing change through the past 20-30 years. The first sustainability wave came somewhere in the 90s, when people were offered eco-friendly clothing made from natural fibres in earthy colours. This was also the image that went mainstream when people were discussing sustainable clothing. And still today, many of … More The Moods of the Textile Industry

Of Mindfulness

Have you ever observed a child? They live fully in the moment, and they can teach us a valuable lesson about mindfulness. Children are so present that they sometimes catch the essentials of life better than adults. Being mindful is a hot topic these days and it should not be underestimated. It goes hand in … More Of Mindfulness

Of the Frog

Népra is Carelian and means water. Ama has always been fascinated by the water element. She swam for years. She also taught swimming for kids. Ama spent her childhood summers swimming, boating, and fishing with her sister and father. One summer, Ama and her sister spent some time with their aunt on an island. In … More Of the Frog